Whats New….

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

There’s change in the air, the smell of ‘new things’ is lingering! Louis Baxters heads into it’s 2nd year and we’re taking a new turn.

With our focus on all things coffee, you can look forward to more of your favourite flavour from Campos. There’s always a fabulous single origin available and the cold drip is proving extremely popular – take home jars are available too!

We’ll be launching into the realm of coffee events – tastings, appreciations, food matching to name a few, so watch this space. We also offer Louis Baxters as a venue for your next event – just email Laki – Info@louisbaxters.com.au

We’ve recently started stocking the beautiful handcrafted Bahen & Co Chocolate bars {Check them out at www.bahenchocolate.com}

We’re also excited to say that our BYO and Tapas nights have been a huge success and till the end of March you can come along every Thursday night. After Easter, we’re open every Friday night – what a great way to start your weekend!

Our breakfast and lunch menu has had a face lift – a smaller menu, with all your favourites. Lunch is a more streamlined affair with a great variety of sandwiches and rolls on offer. Our weekend breakfast menu offers a few extra cooked breakfast options.


Louis Baxters in 2013

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Wishing Everyone a Fabulous Christmas and New Year!

We’re making a few changes in 2013 – ones we hope you’ll like! From January, Louis Baxters will be open 7days a week!!

Monday – Friday for Breakfast and Lunch 0700 – 1600

Saturday All day Brunch  0700 – 1600

Sunday Brunch 0800 – 1300

And, coming soon, we’ll be launching our BYO & Tapas nights, Thursday and Friday nights!

Stay Safe and we’ll see you when we open for business on January 2nd 2013!

1 year on…

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

With so much anticipation we hoped we’d be able to keep this blog updated regularly, but alas, time got away from me and I find myself, almost a year later, updating the blog! My apologies! It’s been a huge 12 months – literal blood [I severed my pinky finger tendon cleaning the kitchen] sweat [summer was a stinker!] and tears [too many to mention!] But here we are about to celebrate our first birthday [Saturday 18th August] and I couldn’t be prouder.

Let’s start with the people who make Louis Baxters flourish – You – our wonderful, loyal, supportive customers. Without you we are nothing. Becuase of you we are everything! Thank you for coming back each day. For being patient when ran into problems, helpful when we needed it, encouraging when things got hard and for loving our place as much as we do. I count so many of you as friends and I know our staff feel the same.

To Raf Bartkowski and the team at Campos – your product is brilliant – we are so proud to be associated with you. Thank you for helping us to be the place we are today. I know many of our customers are grateful for you too!

Many of you know that our head barista and manager, Josh Hathaway makes one hell of a coffee, but I want you all to know what a truly exceptional person he is too. Josh is easily  one of the most loyal, compassionate, humble people I have ever come across. Behind the scenes he constantly supportive, fiercely loyal and I couldn’t have done this first year without him. Thank you Josh.

We are lucky enough to have [and have had] great staff throughout the past 12  months – our current FOH staff of Tara, Alli, Lara, Andrew and Rylee are just fabulous. But thanks also to Micah and Katie who worked with us for quite a while!

The kitchen has had much turmoil [as seems to be the norm in Perth!!] but everyone who has worked in our kitchen has had one thing in common – they have never let the standards, set by Eamon, drop. Thanks to Danielle, Jodie, Dean and to our current Chefs Damien and Pam.

We’ve also been blessed with a lot of support from Pam and John Sullivan [Eamons Parents] as well as Lalani and Ranjith Weddikkara [My parents] Family is everything to Eamon and I and we are both blessed with fabulous ones!

To the media who have done nothing but support Louis Baxters – Thank you. A special thanks to the breakfast team at Nova, Nathan, Nat & Shaun as well their behind the scenes tema [Sal Briggs!] and also to the Breakfast team at 92.9, Lisa, Paul & Baz and their behind the scenes team [Brearne Cavallaro and Brock Walter]

To my husband Andrew – I love you, you are amazing and such a support – thanks for putting up with me!

Lastly, to my business partner and friend Eamon Sullivan. I am so proud of you – 3 time Olympian! Thanks for the support, the words of encouragement, the shoulder to lean on and the pep talks when I’ve needed them. You may not have been here for our first year, but it’s only going to get better and I can’t wait to share it with you! So get your rubber gloves on – there are plenty of dishes waiting for you!!

Happy Birthday Louis Baxters Espresso Bar

6 Weeks of Louis Baxters!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

I can’t believe we are already 6 weeks old! Louis Baxters is off to a great start and we have really enjoyed getting to know all you all! Our team has already expanded and whilst we are still looking for that elusive permanent Chef, we have been going strong.

It seems that the people of Perth are really enjoying what we have to offer, especially our coffee, Campos. Our Baristas, under the care of Senior Barista Josh, ensure that every coffee is a great one.

Soon we’ll be introducing a couple a new things to the coffee menu – single origin coffees and a cold drip (just in time for the warmer weather).

We can’t begin to thank you all so much for your continued (and growing) support. WE look forward to seeing you soon.


Shout Outs!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

When Eamon and I open Louis Baxters in a few weeks, it won’t have been just because the two of us worked hard! We have amazing people around us, helping us, guiding us and mentoring us – so here’s a shout out to a few people behind the scenes…

My husband Andrew – well needless to say he has been hugely supportive and helpful in many ways – from giving us advice to keeping me calm and always knowing when to pour me a glass of red wine!

Eamon’s parents – Pam and John – John is an architect and has been a huge support especially with the fit out. Pam has become a great friend as well as being a well refined taste tester!

My parents – Ranjith and Lalani – Andrew and I are living with my parents whilst we build a house… we couldn’t do without their support and Dad, also an architect, has advised us, together with John.

Raf Bartkowski from Campos Coffee – the minute we mentioned our idea for a cafe in Perth, Raf has been excited for us and has gone out of his way to help …as well as supplying us with an amazing product!

The team at Bremick Design – our builders have helped our dream to become a reality – we can’t wait for you all to see the finished product!

Kingsley Sullivan from New Norcia Bakeries – Not only is Kingsley supplying us with beautiful artisan breads, but he has also become our mentor. Being new to business, his advice and support has been invaluable.

My best friend and marketing guru Mhairi – every girl needs their best friend and mine is truly the best there is! She’s my friend to share laughs with, my push when I need it – she’s also one half of our marketing team, Breadbox Marketing.

A quick shout out to Matt from Westpac and Steve our web guy who have both been really supportive!

There are many others who have helped along the way and I will endeavour to mention them all over the next few months!

Louis Baxters – Opening Soon!

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

As the opening day of Louis Baxters draws closer, I can’t help but start to get excited. But before Louis Baxters opens its doors to the public, I have another exciting thing to take care of.

I am currently in Singapore on a training camp, waiting to fly to Shangahi for the 2011 World Championships. The World Champs come about every two years, and is the second most important meet on a swimmers calendar behind the Olympics.

With the Olympics next year, this is a great time to see where I am at with my fitness and mental strength. There is no doubt the last few years have ben very turbulent with injuries and set backs and I feel like I am just coming out of that horrible run of problems feeling fitter than I have for a long time.

As all athletes would tell you, it is important to have a passion outside your chosen sport, to keep you sane. For me it has  always been cooking, ever since grade 8. I find cooking therapeutic, a chance to ignore injury or simply a bad day in the pool. Louis Baxters has been in my mind since I graduated from school, I have always wanted to open a cafe, and I am so excited it is finally coming true.

A lot of people have asked me how I have time to be a full time athlete and open a cafe on the opposite side of the country (I am currently living in Sydney). Well luckily I met Laki Baker while I was filming the Celebrity Masterchef series in sydney. We both had dreams of opening a cafe, so it seemed like a smart idea to open one together.

Laki has been doing the hard work on the ground in Perth, making sure everything is running to plan in Perth while I am still training for the Olympics in Sydney and for that I am very grateful, as not many people understand the amount of work that a full time athlete puts in.

Even though swimming has been busy, I have been working hard on the menu design, coming up with some great ideas that I hope you will all love… something a bit different to the usual!

Whilst I won’t be in Perth all year round to help out, I am going to be back every chance I get, to be at Louis Baxters, servicing your needs!

I look forward to seeing you all at the end of August, when Louis Baxters will be up and running!!