Campos Coffee About Campos CoffeeCampos Coffee is a product of what we like to refer to as The Specialty Coffee epiphany!Or, “Once you have dipped your toes into the springs of True Specialty Coffee, dry land is never the same!”

All those who have experienced this coffee epiphany – that first great tasting coffee – know what it is like to drink top quality coffee and also know that they only want to drink excellent coffee thereafter. Campos Coffee is borne of this same passion, the passion to create and share the ultimate coffee experience.

Fueled by a single-minded desire to create the world’s best coffee, Campos Coffee emerged on the Australian Specialty Coffee scene in 2002. Right from the very start our modus operandi has been built around one simple word which we felt had lost its place in the coffee industry – Integrity. There were many people promising superior coffee, but then not always delivering. We resolved to be the ones who did promise to buy, roast and serve the finest coffee available, and then deliver without question.

Our purchasing of green beans is based on the quality of the coffees in the cup. We have fostered excellent relationships with the most renowned importers to secure the highest coffee grades available from each country of origin. If a coffee of extreme quality emerges onto the market – we will be there to buy it for our customers. Conversely, if a coffee loses quality, we will immediately terminate the line, rather than serve substandard specialty coffee. Integrity means we cannot compromise our quality standards.

So why did Louis Baxters choose Campos?

Simply because we love it and think it’s a coffee that is unmatched.

2 other cafes in Perth serve Campos Coffee:


The Exchange
U2/61 Walter’s Drive
Osborne Park, 6017
Open 5 days 7am – 4pm
(08) 9444 0583

watermark books logo

Watermark Books
Qantas Terminal
Perth Airport
Redcliffe, WA 6104
7 days 4:30am – 9:30pm
(08) 9279 9315