Louis Baxters is the result of years of planning, recipe testing and an unwavering desire to bring together all that owners Eamon Sullivan & Laki Baker have learnt about food and coffee.

The café focuses on offering fabulous coffee and food. Louis Baxter’s coffee comes from Australian specialty coffee roaster, Campos Coffee – a very popular coffee in the Eastern States.

Eamon and Laki

‘We’re really excited that we can finally get our product to Perth again– we have a lot of online customers from Perth who I know will be excited about being able to get their favourite coffee from Louis Baxters,’ say Campos director Raf Bartkowski.

Eamon’s love of cooking started when he discovered that doing home economics was a way of getting an extra meal during a time when he was training four hours a day [on top of going to school!]. A fussy eater as a child, he soon developed a new found respect for food and flavours. When, it looked like his swimming career might not take off, Eamon decided to become a chef. However his swimming career did take off and luckily his love of food and cooking stayed with him.

Laki Baker, a seasoned television producer with 18 years under her belt, has recently returned to her home town after 16 years in Sydney, having worked on some of the biggest shows including Getaway, The Chopping Block with Matt Moran, Fish with Pete Evans [for the lifestyle Channel] and most recently MasterChef, where she met Eamon. Eamon won the title of Australia’s Celebrity MasterChef, winning over the judges with his beautiful dessert, the Chocolate Delice.

And if you’re wondering who Louis Baxter is… then look no further than the pairs’ furry friends – French bulldogs Louis Pierre Baker and Baxter Sullivan.

Louis Baxter

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