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where people find comfort through conversation.
we are all friends.
we are kind and curious.
we care about each other and you.
we do what we do because
we love it and we want to share it with you.

where coffee and food unite to warm your soul.
where we can, we make the ethical choice.
we make all our food, by hand, every day.

where you can learn and become inspired.
our coffee is roasted locally by Laika Roasters.
we explore different techniques and styles
we offer black and white coffee.

Welcome to Louis Baxters






From the moment we stepped into Louis Baxters, we wanted to push the boundaries on what this space could be. We wanted to prove to you that you can have your coffee in hand before your train arrives, you can have that muffin on the go, or you can stop by, slow down and catch up on life. Despite all the daily changes, the one thing we do is ensure that the quality of your coffee and food is consistently amazing, every time. We see the same faces every day, we know all the nuances and goings-on and we are able to connect this diverse community and bring everyone together. Thank you for your continued support and love.

Olivia and Alex



We wanted to showcase the best of Western Australia's evolving coffee scene. We use Laika Roasters for their carefully crafted coffee. All coffee comes from a single source so as to experience the best possible flavours and nuances of each bean and region. We have the usual suspects on the menu - black coffee, white coffee and filter.

guest roasters

We source roasters locally and even internationally to explore how flavours change and develop across regions of the world, from Africa to the Americas and the ways the roasters bring out the very best in their beans. We have proudly sourced coffee from Coffeefusion based in Perth, through to Cat and Cloud from Santa Cruz, USA. Stay tuned to Instagram as we explore more roasters pushing the boundaries of flavours, methodology and fermentation.




Time is ever pressing and we understand sometimes all you need is a quick bite to go, or a place to sit and enjoy every mouthful with friends; you can do both here. We make our food from scratch, daily. 


Rise and shine with our Bircher Muesli topped with Yogurt and Fresh Fruit, or perhaps either our Banana Bread, Savoury Muffins, HCT Croissants, Muesli Slice, Sourdough Toast, or Blueberry Bagel to get you through the early hours of the day.


Satisfy those hunger pangs with our Bagels - we have a Chicken and Avocado Bagel with Cheese, Aioli and Lettuce, a Rueben Bagel with Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Pickles and Cheese, or the vegan-friendly Eggplant Bagel topped with Tomato, Lettuce, Pickles and "Cheese". We're also open to suggestions! Tell us what you'd like and we may just add it to the menu!


I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.
— Lewis Black



Visit us

We're open Monday to Friday from 6am to watch the sun rise, through to 3pm to see the afternoons out.
Bring your dogs, your mates and your laptops - we got free wifi and all the charging ports you'd need.
We're opposite the Subiaco Train Station and there's free parking off Station Street.
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2/50 Subiaco Square Road
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