who inspires you?


Elon Musk is my biggest inspiration.
The guy is a dreamer but he has actually found a way to make it a reality - electric cars, space travel and pushing humanity forward.
He taught me to keep finding ways to be better, to do better and to never give up.


describe the colour yellow to someone who is blind


Yellow is a colour that makes you feel like you are stepping into sunlight for the first time.
It is warm and fuzzy and happy. It is like laughter and joy and it makes you feel like anything is possible.



Are you a hunter or a gatherer?


I am a hunter in the sense that I have extreme focus on achieving something, but before I do, I gather a lot of information first.
I like to analyse, plan, sketch, talk and express my ideas before making my next move.


if you could be an animal, what would you be and why?


I would be a lone wolf.
Being raised in Perth has meant I had to travel to see mountains, snow and truly formidable landscapes.
When I finally did, it changed me. I'm a natural introvert so I'd love to spend my days hiking across the ranges and exploring.


if you had to be on a reality tv show, which one would you choose?


The Amazing Race. I love travelling and seeing the world. 
I also think I am pretty observant; finding those red and yellow flags sounds pretty easy enough, booking flights on the fly and
making my way through the world isn't anything new to me now so I am confident I could win it.